Transfusiology Department


The Transfusiology Department was established in 2001 for providing full-scale blood transfusion support for patients taking into account the conducted surgical or combined treatment, for creation of the unreduced supply of blood components and donorship agitation both among the employees of the inpatient hospital and among the population. Due to the well-coordinated and concise work of its employees the department succeeds to perform a smooth cycle of the transfusional surgeries provision.


Currently the receipt of practically all blood and plasma components can be performed in the department, that allows to fully realize the principle of component transfusion therapy in cardiovascular surgery, general surgery, urology, gynecology and other departments of the clinic. A high transfusional activity — more than 1,0 tons of blood components per year is observed in the transfusiology department.


Employees of the Transfusiology Department provide training for physicians and nurses on transfusiology issues, introduction of new transfusion means in practice, technique of blood transfusion, blood components and products, methods for determination of blood group specificity, performance of the transfused blood individual compatibility and others according to methods and approaches, providing safety of the transfusion procedures.

The Transfusionology Department is entrusted with the responsibility of permanent quality control of the prepared blood, its components and provision of storage and distribution conditions upon the requests of medical subdivisions of the clinic.

The department develops the policy, processes and procedures on the pre-transfusional testing for allogenic and autologous transfusion of blood components, including confirmation of blood and rhesus group, testing on undesirable clinically meaningful anti-red cell antibodies, conducting of serum compatibility between the blood samples of a recipient and erythrocytes of a donor.

Determination of blood group and rhesus-factor has the most value at preparation for the blood transfusion. Such necessity can appear at a heavy blood loss, severe hemolytic anemia forms, bone marrow diseases with normal erythrocytes production disorder, as well as during performance of serious surgeries. Blood group on the ABO system and rhesus system is taken into account not only at transfusion of packed erythrocytes, but also at transfusion of other blood components (platelet concentrate, leukocyticl suspension and other).

Work of the department is performed the Orto Bio Vue System facility, that allows to determine the blood group and rhesus factor  by means of special cards. It is a new, modern method for blood group and rhesus factor determination, which differs with its exactness, speed and simplicity. The result is seen clearly and does not allow any ambiguous interpretation.

During the functioning of the department  there was no any registered case of hemolytic reaction connected with the incompatibility of a donor-recipient pair.


 List of the services rendered:

  • Receipt of urgent and planned requests on blood components from medical departments;
  • Receipt, transportation, registration and storage of blood components and products, as well as their delivery to clinical departments;
  • Provision of surgeries, accompanied with blood loss, with blood components on urgent indications;
  • Implementation of immunohematologic investigations of blood samples from recipients (determination of blood group and rhesus factor by means of monoclonal serum and gel methods, screening of antired-cell antibodies, Direct and indirect Coombs’ test, determination of individual compatibility);
  • introduction of new technologies of phenotype and compatibility determination in work;
  • Control over correctness of immunohematologic investigations implementation and execution of corresponding documentation by attending doctors, as well as monitoring of the rational use of blood components;
  • Application of blood saving technologies, for reduction of the blood loss (reinfusion);
  • Participation in donorship arrangement.

Head of the Department: the highest category transfusiologist  Lupanova Tatiana Vassiliyevna

Transfusiologist: Kapyrina Tatiana Vassiliyevna


Лупанова Татьяна Васильевна

руководитель отдела