The purpose of the Department is a directed coordination of the “NSMC scientific activity issues creation and support of the system for effective use of the “NSMC” scientific potential, implementation of strategic directions of a unified scientific policy.

The main tasks of the department

  • Planning, organizing, and coordinating of scientific research and scientific innovation activities of the “NSMC” subdivisions on directions of the medical science, prioritized for the healthcare system of the Republic of Kazakhstan.;
  • Methodological support, monitoring and quality control of scientific research and scientific innovation activities of the “NSMC” subdivisions;
  • Interaction with governmental and non-governmental organizations, international cooperation on issues of scientific researches in healthcare.

Functional responsibilities of the department:

  1. development of politics and priority directions of scientifically-innovative activity of “NSMC” and measures for its implementation;
  2. assistance to the development of scientifically-innovative potential of “NSMC” and research environment implemented in “NSMC”, research projects on commercialization of final result, providing the competitiveness of the organization in scientifically-innovative space;
  3. informatively-consultative assistance to the researchers and clinical subdivisions of “NSMC” in planning, organization and coordination of scientifically-innovative activity on priority directions of medical science;
  4. providing of the most complete use of research potential of “NSMC” employees, creation of motivation for scientifically-innovative activity;
  5. providing of terms for a legal protection and commercial realization of “NSMC” intellectual property objects, created in the result of scientifically-innovative activity of subdivisions and employees of the “NSMC”;
  6. planning, organization, coordination and implementation of methodical support of scientifically-innovative activity of “NSMC” structural subdivisions;
  7. Assistance to temporary research teams (hereinafter – TRT) in the development of projects for the commercialization of scientific and technical results, including a patent study according to GOST, development of a valid research design, selection of research methodology, development of a business plan and / or business model for the final result, organization of a medical and economic and / or feasibility study of a scientific development;
  8. Participation in the epidemiological and biostatistical analysis of the initiative research results carried out at the “NSMC”
  9. Assistance in submission of publications to leading peer-reviewed international journals and participation in scientific conferences and forums by the “NSMC” staff;
  10. Methodological support in efficiency improvement of innovative activity of “NSMC” employees and subdivisions on the basis of monitoring of modern high and science-based technologies providing manufacture of competitive products and samples of new technics;
  11. search for off-budget funding sources for commercialization of the result and provision of information and methodological support in obtaining of new research grants, interaction with their organizers, coordination of structural units and individual employees of the NSMC within the framework of projects on commercialization of scientific and scientific-technical activity results;
  12. search for perspective forms of scientific and technical cooperation with scientific organizations, organizations of practical healthcare and industrial enterprises of the Republic of Kazakhstan and countries of near and far abroad with the purpose of coordinated decision of the most important scientific and technical tasks and introduction of advanced innovations, creation of high technologies and expansion of using the developments in clinical practice of the NSMC;
  13. The most complete using the capabilities of international grants and foreign funds investments in the scientific-research and scientific-innovation activity of the NSMC structural divisions;
  14. Development of NSMC scientific and information activity through the introduction of new information technologies and orientation to consistent integration into the world scientific-information space;
  15. Analysis of economic efficiency  of the NSMC activities in the field of scientific innovative activities, innovations introduction, development and introduction of new biomedical technologies in relation to clinical protocols for diagnosis and treatment in the NSMC;
  16. Organization and coordination of activities, the advisory and consultative body – the NSMC Academic Board, to ensure the scientific innovative activities of the NNMC staff in accordance with international requirements and principles of scientific ethics;
  17. Planning and organization of publication of scientific and methodological literature in the NSMC, and the technical edition of the Journal Clinical Medicine of Kazakhstan;
  18. Planning, organization and coordination of work on introduction and use of modern innovative technologies, technical means, methods and approaches based on evidentiary medicine principles contributing to increase of scientific and clinical activity effectiveness in the scientific innovative and clinical processes;
  19. Providing the collection of scientific and innovative activities indicators and their submission to the authorized body in healthcare, drawing up a rating of scientific innovative activity of the NSMC subdivisions and personnel;
  20. Software and information support of scientific innovation and clinical processes, introduction of a scientific and technical information modern system (maintenance of the department’s web page on the NSMC site, sending information by e-mail);
  21. Cooperation with governmental and nongovernmental organizations, development of international cooperation on the issues of scientific research and innovation in healthcare.