Admission Department

The main function of the Admission Department :

Ensuring the availability of medical care to the population and timely hospitalization of patients.

Description of the Admission Department activity:
— 24-hour admission and registration of patients admitted in the planned and emergency order;

— Timely provision of emergency and urgent medical care to patients with Acute Coronary Syndrome in the required volume of diagnostic, laboratory, instrumental studies and therapeutic measures;

— Maintenance of records and reports approved by the authorized body in healthcare system;

— Work of the Hospitalization Bureau – Hospitalization Bureau Portal + work with referral case reports for hospitalization.


The structure of the Admission Department consists of:

—  Patient examination rooms (room for seeing patients examination);

— Registration office – registration and identification of patients admitted, preparation of documentation, tel. 8 7172 57-43-61;

— duty doctor’s office (tel. 8 71 72 57-78-70) and rooms for middle personnel (tel. 8 7172 23-38-18);

— shock room;

— Isolator for people suspected of an infectious disease;

— Hospitalization Bureau Portal, tel.: 8 7172 23-32-29 (by referral) and 8 71 72 51-76-19 (hospitalization date confirmation);

— Office of the Admission Department Head (tel. 87172 25-36-84).


Fax of department 7 7172 23-38-18, email:, email of the Portal (work with referral case reports, letters)   —

— Reception hours for planned patients – around the clock from 8:00a.m.;

— Schedule of hours and days for visiting patients by relatives, information about hospitalized patients by the inquiry office phone number 8 7172 57-75-50, open hours of the inquiry office from 8:00a.m. till 7:00p.m.;

— Hospital Internal Regulations (attached document);

— Rights and duties of patients (attached document);

— List of foods allowed for sending to patients (attached document);

— The main extracts on medical care to the population from the Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On the people’s health and healthcare system” (attached document);

— The planned and urgent hospitalization procedure – “On approval of the Rules for the provision of hospital care” Order No. 761 dated September 29, 2015, of the Minister of Healthcare and Social Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan (attached document)

Approved list of pre-hospital investigations on profiles