Dermatologist is a physician, whose professional interest include diagnostics, treatment and prevention of skin, nails and hair diseases with different etiology. If you need consultation of a competent dermatologist — make an appointment with the specialists of our Center. In our Center appointment is conducted by dermatologists having enormous practical and scientific work experience – specialists of higher qualification level, candidates and doctors of sciences. Timely consultation of dermatologist will give an opportunity not only to operatively manage with the problem but also to reduce a possibility of severe complications development.

What diseases does dermatologist treat?

Dermatological diseases are distinguished by a wide variety, that considerably complicates the diagnosing process. Many skin pathologies proceed silently, and only a skilled specialist can identify them.

Any change on the skin surface can be the evidence of a serious disease development and requires immediate visit to a dermatologist.

We provide medical care in case of a wide range of skin pathologies provoked by different reasons :

  • any nature cutaneous eruption – fungal, viral, infectious, allergic, etc.;
  • acne, including teenage acne;
  • oil glands dysfunction – seborrhea, perioral dermatitis;
  • parasitic diseases – lice infestation, scabies;
  • eczematous inflammation – neurodermite, eczema, dermatosis, dermatitis, exudative diathesis;
  • psoriasis and other papulosquamous disorders – pityriasis rosea, lichen planus;
  • vitiligo, ichthyosis, xerosis and others.

With what symptoms one should appeal to the dermatologist

  • redness, itching, sloughing of skin;
  • swelling;
  • pustular and ulcerative injuries;
  • appearance of persistent, constant rashes on epithelium covering (pale or florid);
  • appearance of skin lesions (condyloma, papilloma, miliary acne, atheroma, etc);
  • changes in the quantity or visual appearance of existing lesions on the skin (verruca, birthmarks, pigment stains);
  • changes in hair and nails structure.

We will help you to solve arising problems effectively and without consequences. Do not try to get rid of skin problems independently by means of merchandised medical preparations or folk medicine recipes. Such approach can only worsen the situation and contribute to silent disease, and afterwards to chronic form.

How does the visit or consultation of a dermatologist pass?

In order to help you, a dermatologist will take the complete history first of all, hear complaints and conduct careful derma body inspection, estimating the character of disease, clinical evidence and its prevalence. Skin diseases can be caused by different reasons — infections, adverse impact of the environment, violation of internal organs functioning, disfunction of metabolic processes, etc.

The specialist of our Center will develop an effective diagnostics and treatment plan during your first visit.

Appointment to the dermatologist

You can make an appointment to the dermatologist by completing the on-line-form on the web-site or calling number +7 7172 57 78 23.