Gastroenterologist is a physician, whose professional interests include diagnostics and treatment of gastrointestinal tract, gall-bladder and liver diseases. The specialists of higher professional qualification, using only the most progressive and effective treatment approaches, work in the Center. If you need a good gastroenterologist — come to our clinic.

With what symptoms one should appeal to the gastroenterologist?

  • frequent heartburn after meal;
  • frequent stool disorder (constipation, diarrhea, unusual color of fecal matter, particles of blood or mucus in fecal matter);
  • feeling of heaviness and pain in the intestinal tract, stomach or right hypochondrium;
  • belch, sickliness, bad breath, bitter taste in mouth;
  • noninfectious cutaneous eruption;
  • worsening of skin, nails, hair with no visible causes;
  • systematic abdominal distention, meteorism.

Also it is necessary to pass examination of a gastroenterologist, if you had to take some medications for a long time, radiotherapy or chemotherapy.

What services does the gastroenterologist of Center offer?

If you are disturbed by heartburn, periodic stomachaches, any stool disorders, take an opportunity to get the detailed consultation of an experienced gastroenterologist. Excellent diagnostic base and own laboratory equipped with up-to-date facilities allows us to quickly identify any pathology even on the most initial stage of its development.

Diagnostics and treatment are conducted without discomfort, pain and stress, quickly and maximally effectively. Our gastroenterologists use the best research methods, acknowledged as the most efficient in the world medical practice.

How does the visit to a doctor pass?

During your attendance a doctor will take the detailed history — will inquire you about complaints, feeding habits, lifestyle, earlier diseases, inherited predisposition. After it, the specialist will learn data of investigations conducted before (if any) and will conduct examination.

After examination the gastroenterologist will assign necessary investigations, make an individual diet and choose the treatment schedule, taking into account the details of the disease progress and individual peculiarities of a patient body.

What diseases does gastroenterologist treat?

Gastroenterologist’s competence includes a wide range of digestive tract organs pathologies — stomach, gall-bladder, bowel, spleen, pancreas and liver. Services of gastroenterologist are essentially needed, if you suffer, in particular from such diseases:

  • dysbacteriosis, colitis, irritable bowel syndrome;
  • duodenitis, gastritis;
  • biliary dyskinesia, gallstone disease, cholecystitis;
  • pancreatitis;
  • fatty hepatosis, cirrhosis, hepatitis;
  • gastroduodenal ulcer;
  • cholangitis, enterocolitis;
  • dysphagia, heartburn, vomiting, meteorism, constipation, etc.

It should be noted that if you do not treat such diseases in time, it can lead to serious consequences, including development of malignant tumors. In case of incorrect or insufficient functioning of gastrointestinal tract organs, the common state of a body and the life quality considerably gets worse.

Many diseases of the digestive system proceed silently and can be evident already at the advanced stage:

  • Duodenitis and gastritis are inflammatory diseases of the gastric mucosa and duodenum, which in 90% of cases acquire chronic form. Constant inflammatory process can provoke atrophy of gastric mucosa and ulcer development, that in its turn is fraught with the risk of cancer development.
  • Gastroesophageal reflux disease — is a pathological condition when a small part of gastric material is thrown back to esophagus, provoking appearance of heartburn and other unpleasant symptoms. Frequently it disguises itself as cardiac disorders symptoms, provoking arrhythmia, discomfort and pains in chest area.

Specialists of our Center adhere to the complex approach in treatment of digestive system diseases. Availability of own laboratory and rich base, including the most modern curatively-diagnostic equipment, allows to identify any pathology at the earliest stage and plan the maximally sparing effective treatment.

The primary concern of our specialists is the thorough identifications of the disease reasons and their removal by means of progressive methods, know-how, latest generation medications, diets and effective complex health-improving programs.

How to make an appointment with gastroenterologist?

You can make an appointment with gastroenterologist by completing the online-form or calling by number +7 7172 57 78 23.


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