A hepatologist is a doctor, specializing on diagnostics and treatment of liver and bile ducts diseases of different genesis and severity. Constant stresses, bad health habits, bad ecology and aa lot of other aggressive factors, negatively influence on the liver functioning. Timely diagnostics and treatment are able to prevent the disease from passing to chronic form and developing serious complications.


  • The liver does not have nerve endings, therefore it does not give any pain signals!
  • The liver is a unique organ able to regenerate, therefore at the correct treatment scheme it can completely recover its functions.
  • Oftentimes people do not even think of the fact that each time consuming food of animal origin with high saturated fats puts the liver in danger. Fatty liver disease develops unnoticed. Excess of fats, accumulating in hepatocytes, results in their destruction and heavy liver damage, up to the cirrhosis development.
  • Among all liver diseases, hepatitis occupies one of the leading positions. Viruses, proper antibodies, toxins, any infection can provoke its development. The hepatitis danger is that at the initial stage it does not express in any way, and C hepatitis can express by worsening of state only 10−15 years after exposure.

With what symptoms one should appeal to the hepatologist?

  • feeling of weight, pain and discomfort in the right hypochondrium;
  • loss of appetite, constant bitter taste in the mouth, frequent heartburn, sickness, vomiting;
  • worsening of the general state after eating of any spicy and fat food or alcohol;
  • change of fecal masses and urine color (greyish-white, white stool and dark urine);
  • skin rash, accompanied by itching;
  • yellowing of eyes, mucous and skin cover.

Services of hepatologist

Complex diagnostics and treatment of liver and bile ducts diseases with different etiology and severity are conducted in our Center. Our physicians – Medicine Doctors with the higher qualification level, having deep scientific knowledge and unique experience in the hepatology field work in our clinic.

How does the consultation of hepatologist pass?

Hepatologist’s consultation – is an excellent possibility to know about the risk liver and bile ducts diseases occurrence and methods of their prevention.

As a rule, visiting the specialist includes:

  • history taking;
  • studying the investigations results;
  • study of results of researches;
  • diagnosing;
  • development of the individual treatment program;
  • selection of the health-improving program.

You will get the detailed explanations on the diagnose set and the treatment appointed. Based on the results of examination, a specialist can assign additional investigations. Also the physician will give recommendations, concerning a diet and changing the lifestyle, and will select an individual curative diet (if necessary).

What diseases does the hepatologist treat?

  • fatty liver disease;
  • hepatitis (viral, bacterial, autoimmune, nonspecific, etc.);
  • hepatic cirrhosis;
  • gallstone disease;
  • alcohol-induces liver injury;
  • cholecystitis;
  • benign hyperbilirubinemia (Gilbert’s disease);
  • cholangitis;
  • nonalcoholic steatohepatitis.

Methods of diagnostics

  • laboratory diagnostics – clinical, biochemical and bacteriological blood, urine, fecces tests; blood serological test;
  • PCR-based diagnostics;
  • hormonal investigations;
  • US, CT, MRI of abdominal cavity organs;
  • esophagoscopy;
  • biopsy (at suspicion on a tumour process).

Complex diagnostics allows to operatively set only one correct diagnosis and to select the most effective scheme for the disease treatment.

How to make an appointments with the hepatologist

You can make an appointment twith the hepatologist by completing the on-line-form on the web-site or calling number +7 7172 57 78 23


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