Gynecologist is a doctor that diagnoses, treats and prevents diseases of female genital organs. His task: maintenance and restoration of female reproductive system normal functioning.

Gynecological diseases are insidious. Very often they proceed without any symptoms, but can become the reason of serious problems with the woman health and even an obstacle for her maternity.

Timely diagnostics and successful treatment of different gynecological diseases are conducted in the Center.


With what symptoms one should appeal to the gynecologist?

Do not put off a visit to the gynecologist, if:

  • A girl is 15 years old, but menstruation have not begun yet.
  • You are disturbed by itch, burning, foul-smelling spotting, lower abdominal pains.
  • Menstruations are accompanied by a strong pain syndrome. Its duration exceeds 7 days. Menstruation is excessive or vice versa poor.
  • You notice any violations in habit and duration of menstruations. Loss of a cycle.
  • You notice bloody spotting during intermenstrual period.
  • During sexual contact you feel pain or other unpleasant feelings.
  • No menstruation during regular sex life.
  • Burning during urination.
  • In genitalia zone there is any roughness, rugosity, some new formations, painless or accompanied by unpleasant feeling.
  • After an unprotected sexual contact.
  • For the correct selection of contraceptives.
  • At first signs of climax and vegetovascular signs.

Gynecologists of our Center recommend not to put off a visit to the doctor, if you found out one or a several symptoms mentioned above. Some inflammatory diseases at an acute stage require urgent help. Any ailments quicker respond to treatment, if it were begun timely.

What illnesses does the gynecologist treat?

  • Salpingitis (inflammatory process in fallopian tubes).
  • Endometritis (damage of the uterus lining).
  • Different diseases of cervix uteri (erosion, polyps).
  • Endometriosis.
  • Cystic ovaries.
  • Uterine fibroid.
  • Gynecological injuries. Doctor performs prophylaxis and treatment of diseases caused by the female genital organs injury.

During the visit to a gynecologist

  • During your visit the gynecologist will find out what disturbs you. He will listen to you attentively, ask additional questions, study symptoms of the disease. Please, be ready to tell about the menstrual cycle (conducting special calendar helps), sexual contacts, character of spotting, pains and other pathological conditions.
  • During the visit a doctor, as a rule, conducts gynecological examination. He examines external genitalia, estimates the state of vagina and uterine by means of gynecological speculum, conducts bimanual examination allowing to estimate the state of adnexas, uterine and surrounding organs.
  • Gynecologist can take swabs: gynecological (it is named “a swab for vagina cleanness”), analysis for infections, Pap smear (for identification of pre-cancerous conditions).
  • If needed, the doctor will assign you to have tests. After this he will establish a diagnosis and choose optimal treatment methods.
  • It is recommended to visit a gynecologist at least two times a year, even if there are no complaints. Different types of infectious and tumour diseases proceed without any expressed symptomatology, but consequences can be the most serious.

Recommendations of the Center specialists:

The visit to gynecologist requires the compliance with some rules. It is better make an appointment with the gynecologist at the second phase of menstrual cycle (after the 20th day, from the first day of the last menstruation).

1−2 days before the supposed visit to the specialist refuse from different intimate sprays and gels, it is not needed to perform syringing. Take the results of previous investigations (analyses, results of ultrasound, etc.), it will help to put a correct diagnosis quicker.


Gynecologist can assign the following investigations:

  • Analyses for infectious diseases.
  • Investigations allowing to define the presence of antibodies to bacteria/ viruses.
  • Common blood count/urinalysis, biochemical blood assay.
  • Analyses allowing to draw a conclusion on the endocrine system functioning.
  • Hormonal and genetic researches.
  • Immunological research.

Appointment to the gynecologist

Make an appointment with the gynecologist by completing the online form on the website or by calling number  +7 7172 57 78 23.


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