Acupuncturist (Reflexologist)

Modern acupuncture as a variety of therapeutic intervention on the body uses the methods of a classic Chinese acupuncture and cautery having a centuries-old history. The time proved treatment method is considered to be a worthy and efficient one up to now, and it gained an enormous popularity in the East Asia countries.

Nowadays, the acupuncture is added with modern investigations and achievements of the medical science, that allowed to separate the acupuncture as a particular independent treatment method in the end of the 20h century. To use all the best, the most valuable, the rich store of knowledge and experience of the Ancient East healers – this is the aim, which was set during creation of the “new” method of treatment effect on a patient’s body.    

Different techniques of acupuncture suppose various types of impact on biologically active points of a human body.

·         Mechanical impact (classic acupuncture, auricular acupuncture, Su Jok, point massage, microaccupuncture, etc.);

·         Temperature impact: warming with absinthial cigars and cones – moxibustion, cautery.

Electric impact (electric puncture, microelectrophoresis, Ryodoraku Nakatani method, R. Voll method, K. Akabane method);

·         Radiation energy impact (laser therapy, ultraviolet impact); 

·         Ultrasound, magnetic fields;

·         Pharmacopuncture (drugs injections on acupuncture points).


Acupuncture allows to impact on all organs and systems of our body due to the activation of internal reserves, it has powerful pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory effects.

Punctate “excitation” of biologically active zones of a human body causes response physiological reactions of a body able to change the disease progress, and magically assisting to repair the health.

Acupuncture can be used both as an individual (primary) treatment method, and as an additional, primarily at treatment of a severe pathology.

Acupuncture can successfully treat almost any disease (except for acute conditions – myocardial infarction, pneumonia, etc.), besides there is no injection of any matters of foreign and chemical origin during the treatment process.

Acupuncture provides a good therapeutic effect during treatment of a wide range of diseases, such as:

musculoskeletal system disorders (osteochondrosis , scoliosis, radiculitis, lumbago, etc.)

neurological and vascular diseases: neuritis, neurosis, asthenia, hypertensive disease, atherosclerosis;

endocrine diseases;

respiratory diseases (bronchitis, pneumonia, bronchial asthma);

diseases of the digestive system (gastritis, peptic ulcer, hepatitis, pancreatitis);

genitourinary diseases (nephritis, pyelonephritis, cystitis, impotency, prostatitis);

·         gynecological diseases (inflammatory diseases of genitals, menstrual disorder, menopause);

ENT organs diseases (tonsilitis, laryngitis, nasal hemorrhage);

·         skin diseases (eczema, psoriasis, neurodermatitis);

·         treatment of obesity and overweight.

Today, with the help of acupuncture it is possible to achieve results in treatment of even “non-perspective”, systemic, chronic diseases.

High efficiency of acupuncture is noted at treatment of so called functional disorders, especially at a young age. It is unpleasant subjective sensation at neurocirculatory dystonia, head aches without any visible changes in the brain structure, fatigue syndrome and psycho-emotional defatigation, insomnia, different disorders of digestive system function, dyskinesia.

Good results are also possible at treatment of more “serious” pathology, when there is organic changes in organs and tissues. However, in this case the acupuncture treatment is impossible separately from the main pharmacological treatment process and passes with an obligatory participation of a general practice doctor or a medical specialist with a regular monitoring of the functions affected. Even a decrease in the maintaining dose of primary drugs after acupuncture is a good therapeutic effect, as it allows to improve the life quality of such patients.

Depending on the disease which a patient suffers from, his age, existence of accompanying diseases and other factors, a doctor selects such acupuncture method or such combination of methods and treatment program, that will have the most distinguished therapeutic effect.

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