Urologist – it is a physician specializing in diagnostic and treatment of different diseases of male urogenital system and female urinary system. The staff of the center consists of doctors with a great work experience, which are very attentive to every patient. High qualification of the staff and the most modern diagnostic equipment allow to exactly find the cause of the problem and successfully perform treatment.

What diseases does the urologist treat?

The urologist specializes in the following problems of urogenital system:

Urinary tracts and urinary bladder diseases: cystitis, urethritis, urolithiasis, different problems with urination (urinary retention and incontinence, frequent urination, etc.), urinary bladder dysplasia.

Kidney diseases: pyelonephritis, hydronephrosis, nephroptosis, etc.

Male reproductive system diseases: prostatitis, epididymitis, orchitis, balanoposthitis, sexually transmitted diseases (STD) — clamidiosis, papilloma-viral infection, ureaplasmosis, mycoplasmosis, herpes and other problems.

Doctors of the NSMC have a great experience in elimination of such pathologies as urethra and urinary bladder papillomatosis, as well as in treatment of neoplasms in different organs of the urogenital system.

In what cases should you appeal to the urologist

If you found one or several of the below symptoms you need visit the urologist.

·         problems with urination;

·         changes in smell, color and volume of urine;

·         some discharge from urethra;

·         burning and itching;

·         pains or feeling of discomfort (in lower abdomen, lower back, perinea region, inguen and genital organs);

·         some visible changes of sperm (males);

·         change of genital organs appearance;

·         urogenital organ injury.


Consultation of urologist

Trust-based and pleasant atmosphere, which is peculiar to doctor of the NSMC – is the guarantee of a comfortable treatment. Depending on your complaints, as well as upon the examination results, the doctor will identify what analyses and investigations to appoint for clarifying the diagnosis and assigning of an optimal treatment schedule.

Diagnostics of urologist

Urethroscopy and cystoscopy – high efficient methods of visual diagnostics, which are used for the assessment of urethra and urinary bladder condition.

In addition to endoscopic investigations, ultrasound diagnostics is also actively used in urology. Condition of a prostate, urinary bladder kidney and others is examined with the help of US.

If necessary, X-Ray investigation, magnetic-resonance imaging or computed tomography will be performed in the center.

The most widespread diagnostic methods include laboratory investigations, such as full blood count, blood analysis for sexually transmitted infections, seminal fluid analysis, bacterial swab test, analysis of discharge from prostate, etc.

The NSMC provides maximum convenient service for is clients: full examination of urogenital system organs on the visit day.


Treatment of urological diseases:

Urologists with a great experience, which successfully treat all possible urological diseases, work in the NSMC.

The center doctors use modern methods of both conservative and operative treatment of urological diseases. Excellent results show physiotherapeutic methods (laser and ultrasound therapy). Using different physiotherapeutic procedures (in addition to medicamentous treatment) in a complex treatment allows to more efficiently fight with the disease, guarantees complete healing, reduces the treatment period, as well as reduces a chance of a recurrence to a minimum.

Optimal treatment method for a range of urological diseases is a surgery. Surgical treatment of diseases, depending on the complexity and immensity of the intervention, can be performed both within in-patient and outpatient clinic conditions.

Surgical treatment of urological diseases.

At  a high level providing an excellent result, our center performs surgical treatment of such problems as:

benign prostatic hyperplasia;

·         hydrocele;

·         varicocele;

·         phymosis;

·         frenulotomy;

·         papilloma and condyloma.

Also, our specialists with a high professionalism perform surgeries in case of paraphimosis, reconstructive an esthetic surgery of external genital organs, treat different injuries of urogenital system organs.

The scheme for elimination of any problems and treatment of diseases, regardless of their etiology and localization, is identified individually by the NSMC doctors. Any case is a unique, that is why this approach at all stages (diagnostics, development of an efficient treatment system, control) will give the best result. Our doctors have a high qualification, great work experience in their specialty and are ready to solve the most difficult problems.

To make an appointment with the urologist, please call: 8 7172 57 74 40 or fill in the on-line form on the web-site.

To get an additional information and make an appointment with the urologist, please call: 8 7172 57 74 40

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24 сентября  мне была проведена операция по удалению почки в отделе урологии АО “ННМЦ “. Выражаю благодарность всему медицинскому персоналу отдела урологии, которым руководит Искаков Ербол Амангельдинович-врач-уролог высшей категории,за внимательное и чуткое отношение к пациентам, проффессинализм высокого уровня. В отделе работают врачи от Бога с чуткими сердцами и золотыми руками. Искаков Ербол Амангельдинович,несмотря на свою загруженность, всегда находит время, чтобы поговорить с каждым из больных, ответить на все интересующие вопросы и оказать моральную поддержку,В отделе всегда чисто и уютно.Хорошее  питание-пища всегда свежая,вкусная и разнообразная.Желаю всем успехов и всех благ.

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