Day hospital

Day hospital

A day hospital is a treatment for patients who do not require round—the-clock medical supervision, and it is impossible to carry out prescribed procedures at home. Patients come in the afternoon, receive the necessary procedures, rest, return home or to work. Treatment in a day hospital makes it possible to lead an active lifestyle while maintaining a familiar daily routine.

Therapeutic measures are carried out according to the profiles:

• Therapy;

• pulmonology;

• Neurology;

• Endocrinology;

• Ophthalmology;

• Surgery;

• Gastroenterology;

• Gynecology.

Diagnostic measures:

1. Conducting a Check-up;

2. Preparation for planned operations (surgical, gynecological, etc.);

3. Preparation and carrying out diagnostic manipulation (colonoscopy, FGDS (Fibrogastroduodenoscopy) under anesthesia, CT with contrast for 1-2 days, etc.)

In a day hospital, medical care is provided to patients with:

• diseases of the cardiovascular system: angina pectoris, arterial hypertension, heart failure, condition after a myocardial infarction;

• diseases of the veins of the lower extremities: varicose veins of the lower extremities, chronic venous insufficiency;

• respiratory diseases: bronchitis, pneumonia;

• pathology of the gastrointestinal tract: peptic ulcer, cholecystitis;

• diseases of the nervous system: disorders of central and peripheral blood circulation, chronic cerebral ischemia, consequences of traumatic brain injury, polyneuropathy, neuritis, sciatica;

• rheumatological diseases: osteoarthritis, polyarthritis;

• diabetes mellitus and its complications;

• diseases of the renal and genitourinary system;

• assistance is provided in the treatment of allergic conditions, infusion therapy for alcohol intoxication, and many others.

The most common diseases, the course treatment of which is effectively carried out in a day hospital:

• CVB (cerebrovascular disease);

• HIGM (chronic cerebral ischemia);

• Dyscirculatory encephalopathy (DEP);

• Post-traumatic encephalopathy;

• Coronary heart disease (CHD);

• Diabetic polyneuropathy;

• Retinopathy;

• Supportive care for multiple sclerosis;

• Varicose veins of the lower extremities;

• Obliterating atherosclerosis of the lower extremities;

• Supportive therapy for liver diseases (chronic hepatitis, Gilbert's syndrome, fatty hepatosis).

Medical and technical equipment of the day hospital:

• Ultrasonic scanner;

• 12-channel electrocardiograph;

• device for determining the FVD (external respiration function);

• defibrillator;

• intensive care kit;

• Medical couches.

• HM (Holter monitoring) – ECG (Electrocardiogram);

• Echocardiography (Echocardiography);

• MRI (Magnetic resonance imaging);

• CT (Computed tomography).

In order to be treated in a day hospital, it is necessary to have:

1. referral from the attending physician of the polyclinic;

2. informed consent of the patient;

3. Identification card.

Based on the submitted documents, the doctor creates a patient card of the Day Hospital, where the dynamic observation of the patient is recorded. Sick leave for up to 8 days.

Contraindications to hospitalization in a day hospital

• acute diseases;

• worsening of the course of the disease;

• the need for round-the-clock medical supervision;

 ACS (Acute coronary syndrome), ONMC (Acute cerebral circulatory disorders).

Treatment for each client is selected individually, taking into account the tolerability of drugs and procedures, possible allergic reactions, consultation of all specialized specialists.

In addition, you can undergo rehabilitation after illness, injury or surgery here. Here you will receive comprehensive medication, physiotherapy and other alternative treatments and body recovery.

All patients of our day hospital are provided with proper care by experienced medical staff.

Prepayment for day care – 25,000 tenge

Opening hours: Mon.-Fri. from 08:00-20.00, Sat. from 08:00-13:00

For more information, you can contact us by phone 8 7172 57 74 40, 8 702 094 77 71


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