A neurologist

A neurologist

A neurologist is a doctor whose specialty is the diagnosis and treatment of pathological conditions associated with disorders of the central and peripheral nervous system. In the Center, the reception is conducted by highly qualified neuropathologists with many years of experience.

What symptoms are treated by a neurologist?

• pain in the neck, back, and extremities;

• frequent, severe headache, migraine;

• sensory perception disorders (impaired sense of smell, hearing, vision, etc.);

• decreased sensitivity in any part of the body;

• tinnitus, dizziness, frequent fainting;

• sleep disorder;

• memory impairment;

• movement coordination disorder;

• nervousness, irritability, increased anxiety.

What diseases are treated by a neurologist

• chronic neuropathic pain;

• encephalopathy of various origins;

• neuritis, neuralgia, neuropathy;

• epilepsy, dementia, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease;

• herpes, herpetic neuralgia;

• stroke (ischemic, hemorrhagic);

• spondylosis, osteochondrosis, Bechterew's disease, lumbago, spinal hernias, sciatica, etc.;

• VSD, cerebrovascular insufficiency, atherosclerosis;

• weakness, dizziness, fainting;

• impaired coordination, attention, memory;

• encephalitis;

• closed uncomplicated traumatic brain injuries;

• neoplasms of the brain and spinal cord , etc .

Diseases treated by a neurologist are often accompanied by paralysis, loss of sensitivity (pain, tactile, temperature), seizures and mental disorders. Almost 40% of the world's population suffers from chronic pain syndromes, which a good neurologist can help to cope with.

Diagnosis of diseases of the nervous system

The diagnosis of neurological diseases is carried out in our Center using the most highly informative methods of laboratory and instrumental research:

• CT, MRI;

• ultrasound methods

• X-ray examinations;

• methods of functional diagnostics.

Expert-class equipment allows our doctors to obtain the most accurate and informative data, which makes it possible to identify pathology even at the initial stage of development. Having your own laboratory makes it possible to conduct a comprehensive examination as quickly as possible.

What treatment methods is used by a neurologist:

Neurologists of our Center use an integrated approach to treatment, in which drug therapy is complemented by a range of rehabilitation and rehabilitation measures:

• physiotherapy procedures;

• mechanical correction (physical therapy, massage, manual therapy);

• osteopathy;

• kinesiotaping;

• FDM therapy;

• Shock wave therapy, etc.

What services does a neurologist offer?

The Center provides comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of neurological diseases of various origins and severity. If you need a good neurologist, please contact us.

The consultation with a neurologist includes:

• collection of medical history;

• physical examination;

• study of research results;

• symptomatic and syndromic diagnosis;

• diagnosis;

• development of an individual treatment program;

• selection of an effective rehabilitation and rehabilitation program.

You will receive detailed explanations on the diagnosis and the prescribed treatment. If necessary, the specialist may prescribe additional studies.

Make an appointment with a neurologist

You can make an appointment with a neurologist by calling +7 7172 57 74 40, +7 702 094 77 71


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