An otorhinolaryngologist

An otorhinolaryngologist

An otorhinolaryngologist  is a doctor who treats and prevents diseases of the ear, throat and nose. At the slightest suspicion of any an otorhinolaryngologist pathology, we recommend that you make an appointment.

Consultations are conducted by experienced specialists who are active in medical activities.

What symptoms should I go to an otorhinolaryngologist with?

Do not postpone a visit to an otolaryngologist if you are concerned about:

• difficulty breathing through the nose;

• frequent nosebleeds;

• prolonged runny nose and cough;

• discomfort or pain in the nose, upper jaw, temples;

• the appearance of swelling of the forehead, cheeks, upper lip, eyelids;

• severe pain in the forehead and eyes, radiating to the back of the head or temples;

• enlargement of the cervical and ear lymph nodes;

• bad breath;

• snoring;

• pain or discharge from the ear;

• difficulty swallowing, redness of the throat.

Any of the above symptoms is a serious reason to immediately come to an appointment with an otorhinolagingologist. Timely access to a doctor and prompt treatment will help to avoid the risk of severe complications. After all, few people know that frequent sore throats have an extremely negative effect on the kidneys, joints and heart, and simple rhinitis can quickly provoke the development of severe otitis or sinusitis.

What diseases are treated by an otorhinolaryngologist:

• otitis media and various hearing pathologies;

• diseases of the nose and paranasal sinuses,

• diseases of the throat (pharyngitis, tanzilitis, etc.);

Аn otorhinolaryngologist pathologies, like any other diseases, need serious diagnosis and competent treatment. It is not necessary to run to the pharmacy when a runny nose appears and buy the first drops that come across just because they are constantly advertised on TV screens. Proper treatment can be prescribed only by a specialist after conducting a comprehensive examination and making the only correct diagnosis.

Methods of diagnosis of an otorhinolaryngologist diseases

The basic rule of otolaryngology is to understand the cause of the disease, eliminate it and all clinical manifestations. The specialists of our Center use the most modern, most informative methods for diagnosing diseases of the ear, throat and nose:

• laboratory tests;

• endoscopic examination;

• functional diagnostics;

• radiography of ENT organs;

• CT, MRI;

How is the consultation of an otorhinolaryngologist going?

The consultation of an otorhinolaryngologist begins with the collection of anamnesis. The doctor will ask you in detail about complaints, lifestyle, how many times and what ENT diseases you had in childhood, about the presence of similar diseases in your next of kin, and bad habits. He will conduct a visual inspection using modern highly informative equipment and tools. He will study the results of the conducted studies and make the correct diagnosis based on all the data obtained.

An otorhinolaryngologist will provide you with comprehensive information on the specifics of the occurrence and possible development of complications of the disease, as well as develop an individual treatment program and offer recommendations for the prevention of ENT diseases. If necessary, the specialist may prescribe additional studies.

Make an appointment with an otolaryngologist

You can make an appointment with an otorhinolaryngologist (ENT) by calling +7 7172 57 74 40, +7 702 094 77 71


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