An arrhythmologist

An arrhythmologist

An arrhythmologist is a cardiologist who deals with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of cardiac arrhythmias.  The Center employs highly qualified arrhythmologists who are active in scientific and practical activities.

What are the symptoms of going to an arrhythmologist?

• excessive or, conversely, missed heartbeats

• heartbeat is too fast or too slow

• feeling of weakness, fatigue, shortness of breath – you need to visit an arrhythmologist as soon as possible.

• manifested in weakness and fatigue, increased irritability, pale skin

• pain in the heart area

• increased susceptibility to temperature changes

You can get the following arrhythmologist services from us:

• doctor's consultation;

• getting a cardiogram

• daily ECG monitoring

• echocardiogram

How is the arrhythmologist's appointment going?

An arrhythmologist's appointment includes:

• anamnesis collection;

• study of research results;

• inspection;

• diagnosis;

• development of an individual treatment program.

You will receive detailed explanations on the diagnosis and clear instructions on the prescribed treatment. In addition, based on the results of the examination, the arrhythmologist may prescribe additional studies. The specialist will also select a diet and give recommendations on lifestyle changes (if necessary).

What diseases does an arrhythmologist treat?

• hypertension

• mitral valve prolapse

• heart failure

• ischemia

How to make an appointment with an arrhythmologist

You can make an appointment with an arrhythmologist by calling +7 7172 57 74 40, +7 702 094 77 71


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