Dermatovenerologist is a physician specializing in diagnostics and treatment of venereal and skin diseases, as well as their prevention. Higher qualification dermatovenerologists with a wide work experience give consultations in the Center.

Remember, you are responsible for the health of your sexual partner, self-treatment and concealing of symptoms is unacceptable!

With what symptoms one should appeal to the dermatovenerologist?

People come to the dermatovenerologist with the most different problems: from acne to sexually transmitted infections. You can try all promoted antidruff shampoos, but the problem is still with you. You can tirelessly care of your own health, but in a pool, except pleasure, get a «bonus» as a fungal disease. And an unprotected sexual contact is a separate cause for anxiety, because it can result in a mass of troubles and complications. The dermatovenerologist will help you to manage all these problems.

You should appeal to the dermatovenerologist, if you have:

  • problems with skin (skin itch, rashes of any type, redness, pigmentation, different skin new formations);
  • white plaque or pustules appeared on the mouth mucosa;
  • nails became very fragile and brittle, their color and structure changed;
  • hair fall, scurf or seborrhea, hair look lifeless, dim and exhausted.

It is necessary to list separately symptoms requiring immediate attention of a specialist and indicating on probability of a sexual infection.

You need urgent consultation of a dermatovenerologist at appearance of even one of the following symptoms:

  • unusual discharge from genitals;
  • discomfort or pain feelings at sexual intercourse;
  • itch, burning and redness in the area of genitals;
  • rash, ulcers or any other formations on the mucous membrane or skin of genitalia;
  • pain in the pelvis area, testicles (for men) and lower abdominal pain;

Self-treatment and concealing of symptoms in this case is unacceptable! If you have even an insignificant cause for anxiety —go to the doctor urgently. Appealing to dermatovenerologist in our Center is in strict confidentiality, and a timely treatment will help to avoid the development of serious complications and return the health to the sexual system.

Services of the dermatovenerologist

The center renders the whole range of services for diagnostics and treatment of dermatovenereal diseases, as well as hair and nails pathologies.

Application of the newest therapeutic methods gives an opportunity to specialists of the Center to achieve maximally successful treatment results. Confident and comfort atmosphere, strict confidentiality and the highest treatment standards — are our basic advantages.

How does the consultation of the dermatovenerologist pass?

Consultation of the dermatovenerologist includes:

  • history taking;
  • examination;
  • assigning of a number of laboratory analyses and diagnostic procedures;
  • diagnosing on the basis of investigations performed;
  • development of individual treatment schedule.

It is extremely important to answer questions of a doctor as detailed as possible, and try to describe all disturbing symptoms with maximal exactness.

You will get a clear idea of your health and exhaustive information about the treatment methods, prophylaxis of the repeated appearance of the disease, precaution measures, etc.

What diseases does the  dermatovenerologist treat?

The competence of dermatovenerologist include diagnostics and treatment of a wide range of dermatovenereal diseases, such as:

  • acne, pityriasis rosea, alopecia (baldness), seborrheic dermatitis;
  • eczema, dermatosis, rosacea, neurodermatitis, urticarial, etc.;
  • lupus erythematosus, sclerodermia;
  • white leprosy, psoriasis;
  • skin new formations – nevus, papilloma, keratoma, condyloma, verruca;
  • mycotic lesion – candidiasis and its forms;
  • sexually transmitted infections — trichomoniasis, clamidiosis, ureaplasmosis, herpes, mycoplasmosis, candidiasis;
  • chancroid, gonorrhea, syphilis.

Any of the listed diseases needs a professional treatment. One should not try to eliminate unpleasant symptoms independently. Many STI (sexually transmitted infections) have similar clinical pattern, but require quite different treatment approach. It is correct to diagnose and only a doctor can appoint correct and effective treatment.

Basic methods of diagnostics in dermatovenereology

Availability of modern laboratory equipment and ultrasensitive test systems of the last generation allows us to perform a range of analyses necessary for setting the correct diagnosis in the most minimum period.

The following laboratory and instrumental investigations are conducted in our Center:

  • blood test, including, for HIV/AIDS and syphilis;
  • bacteriological swab tests;
  • swab analysis on microflora;
  • microscopic investigations;
  • swab analysis on urogenital infections;
  • PCR– diagnostics;
  • dermatoscopy;
  • biopsy of pigmental and other skin new formations.

Due to a powerful diagnostic base, we perform all necessary spectrum of investigations in the shortest term, that allows to operatively define the reason of the disease and begin the treatment.

What treatment methods are used?

Only the most up-to-date treatment methods based on the complex treatment approach are used in our Center. A therapeutic cheme is developed by specialists individually in every clinical case, taking into account the stage, everity and features of the disease course, presence of accompanying pathologies and other factors. At any suspicion on a dermatovenereology problem- immediately appeal to our clinic.

How to make an appointment with the dermatovenerologist

You can make an appointment with the dermatovenerologist by completing an on-line-form on the web-site or by calling number +7 7172 57 78 23.