Physiotherapist – is a medical specialist, which was trained in the field of using natural and artificially created physical factors, contributing to the treatment, prevention and medical rehabilitation.

The job description of a physiotherapist supposes rehabilitation of a functional and locomotor ability of a patient as the main tasks of this specialist.


What diseases does the physiotherapist treat?

Physiotherapist involves in treatment and rehabilitation after such diseases as:

 sore throat;  radiculitis;
 arthritis;  cold;
 insomnia;  trifacial neuralgia;
 bronchitis;  osteochondrosis vertebralis ;
 low potency;  otitis;
 rhinitis;  acute and chronic prostatitis;
 chronic tonsillitis;   urethritis;
 rheumatism of small hand or feet joints;  herpes;
 Dermatic black heads;  parodontosis;
 overweight;  aphthous stomatitis;
 low immunity;  pressure injuries;
 hemorrhoid;  postoperative cicatrix;
 renal or biliary colic ;  complications after tooth extraction;
 headaches;  tooth root resection;
lower limbs varix dilatation;  mastitis;
 nervous tension;  salpingo-oophoritis;
 anemia;  some forms of infertility;
 elevated blood pressure;  spastic processes;
 maxillary sinusitis;  sequela of cerebrovascular disease;
 fungal dermatitis;  ear, nose and throat diseases.
  involuntary urination;  sprains;
 stress;  myositis.
eye strain;



In practice this specialist uses the following methods:

* electric current, ultrasound, cold and warm therapy;

* therapeutic exercise; ultrasound therapy;

* masage;

* phonophoresis;

* machine cosmetology;

* laser therapy;

* IVLBI (intravenous laser blood irradiation );

* magnetotherapy;

* medicamentous inhalations;

* different types of phototherapy;

* underwater traction;

* underwater massage treatment .

In addition, the physiotherapist can give recommendations to the patient regarding the change in climate, feeding, and the life style in general.

How does a visit to physiotherapist pass?

During a visit the physiotherapist can make some physiological tests, which will give a general idea of a patient’s health state and the progress of a disease.

Case record, analysis results and anamnesis are also taken in consideration. If there is a suspicion on a disease with genetic predisposition, the doctor must investigate how much it is possible and study the familial history. During appointment of physiotherapeutic procedures, the doctor considers absolute and relative contraindications.

It is very important that a patient is confident in the physiotherapist and performs all his indications. This affects the results of treatment and rehabilitation.

To make an appointment with the acupuncturist, please call: 8 7172 57 74 40 or fill in the on-line form on the web-site

Appointment with the physiotherapist

To make an appointment with the physiotherapist please fill in the on-line form on the web-site or call:+7 7172 57 78 23.

To get a consultation, please call the Rehabilitation Department: 8 7172 57 74 43; doctors’ room: 8 7172 57 78 09