Mammologist — it is a doctor, involving in the issues of diagnostics, treatment and prevention of mammary gland diseases. Consultation of a mammologist is necessary in case of hormonal disorders, different intensity pains in a mammary gland, discharge from nipples. Timely appeal to the mammologist will allow to reveal a disease at the early stage. Most of mammary gland diseases found at an early stage can be completely treated.

In our center you can use the help of experienced mammologists, leading an active scientific and practical activity.

With what symptoms one should appeal to a mammologist

We advise you not to postpone a visit to the doctor and make an appointment with the mammologist if you have the following symptoms:

·         Your breasts form has changed (suddenly increased or became asymmetric).

·         You found some knot or small noddle in a breast.

·         Your breast became swollen or red.

·         You feel a constant pain in the breast not connected to the menstrual cycle.

·         You noticed unusual discharge from nipples.

·         There is some wounds on the mammary gland skin.

·         The nipples form has changed (for example, one of them became retracted).

·         Axillary lymph nodes increased in size.

It is necessary to visit a mammologist in case of any hormonal disorders and gynecological diseases, any breast injuries and before using oral contraceptives. Consultation of a mammologist is necessary during pregnancy planning. Earlier the disease is found, more efficient the treatment will be. We recommend you to visit a mammologist not less than once per year.

There are so called risk groups. If you found yourselves in this list, you should visit a mammologist as soon as possible.

The risk group includes those:

·         who are registrants at endocrinologist,

·         who have gynecological diseases in the anamnesis (myoma, endometriosis, polycystosis),

·         who constantly takes oral contraceptives,

·         who had the first delivery after 35 years,

·         who refused from breast feeding without any objective reasons,

·         whose relatives suffer from oncological diseases.


Mammologist’s services

To perform a timely diagnostics and early revealing of symptoms of the mammary gland diseases, a modern equipment is used in the Center.  During a consultation, specialists will talk to a patient, perform necessary investigations and choose an optimal treatment course.

Consultation of the mammologist

If you do not have any acute symptoms, it is better to visit a mammologist within the period from the 6 to 12 day of menstrual cycle.

During consultation the mammologist will listen to your complaints. He will as necessary questions, study the results of investigations performed earlier. The specialist will examine your breasts, evaluate the pain status, and palp possible indurations. During examination the doctor studies lymphatic, subclavian and axillary nodes, because mammary glands diseases begin in that very body parts.

After examination, if necessary, the doctor will assign treatment. To get a full pattern and set correct diagnosis, the mammologist will appoint additional investigations.

Diagnostics of mammary gland pathology

Mammologists uses different diagnostics methods. If necessary he assigns the following investigations:

·         Ultrasound investigation, which allows to reveal unpleasant tumors in mammary gland tissues at early stages.

·         Mammography — this method ives an opportunity to identify the nature of tumors.

·         Puncture biopsy — if the mammogram or US investigation showed a cyst or induration. To understand the nature of a tumor it is necessary to perform biopsy – they take a piece of mammary gland tissue for histological investigation.

·         Cytological investigation of a fluid, discharged from nipples – allows to make a conclusion of presence or absence of a certain disease.

The doctor can assign a blood analysis to evaluate a hormonal status. Great number of mammary glands diseases depends of a hormones level. Additionaly such methods as CT, MRI, scintigraphy and ductography can be used.

What diseases does the mammologist treat?

Mamologist treats the following diseases:

·         Mastitis (mammary gland inflammation). The most frequently can appear during breast feeding. But this disease can be diagnosed regardless of pregnancy and delivery.

·         Monomasty (and other deviations in mammary glands development. It can be micromastia, hypoplasia, hypomastia, and other diseases).

·         Mastopathy (and other diseases caused by hormonal changes. Fibro-cystic formations, fibrosing adenosis, gynecomastia).

·         Different benign tumors in the mammary gland (fibroadenoma, cystoadenopapilloma, lipoma).

Modern treatment methods used in the Center allow to successfully treat different mammary gland diseases. The treatment efficiency is connected to a timely identification of any pathology.

How to make an appointment with the mammologist?                            

To make an appointment with the mammologist, please fill in the on-line from on the web-site or call number: +7 7172 57 78 23