A pulmonologist

A pulmonologist is a doctor who studies, diagnoses and treats diseases of the lungs and respiratory tract. In some countries, pulmonology is called "thoracic medicine" or "respiratory medicine".

What symptoms should I contact a pulmonologist with?

• frequent acute respiratory infections (from once a quarter and more often) with complications, bronchitis, pneumonia.

• cough lasting more than three months;

• snoring;

• separation of sputum or blood when coughing;

• bouts of lack of oxygen, up to suffocation;

• wheezing or wheezing breath;

• shortness of breath at rest;

• chest pain when inhaling or exhaling.

Regular visits to a pulmonologist are necessary if you:

• smoke,

• work in hazardous production,

• suffer from vasomotor or allergic rhinitis, or heart failure,

Pulmonologist services

Pulmonologists of our Center provide services for the treatment of a wide range of pulmonological diseases. The clinic carries out the necessary rehabilitation measures to consolidate the successful result of treatment.

All types of laboratory tests can be performed at the Center and modern methods of instrumental diagnostics can be used. This allows you to diagnose lung and respiratory tract disorders at an early stage of the disease and take the necessary measures.

Due to the accuracy of the studies, it is possible to assess the risk of developing kidney failure and do everything possible to prevent its progression.

How is the pulmonologist's appointment going?

At the reception, the pulmonologist conducts a conversation to find out the symptoms of the disease. Clarifies the details of the lifestyle, asks the necessary questions to identify a hereditary predisposition to diseases of the lungs and respiratory tract, and examines the patient. To get a complete picture of the disease, a specialist prescribes the necessary studies.

What diseases does a pulmonologist treat?

• colds (rhinitis, pneumonia, laryngitis, pharyngitis, bronchitis, nasopharyngitis, bronchiolitis, tonsillitis);

• bronchial asthma;

• pleurisy, malignant pleurisy;

• smoker's bronchitis, chronic or acute bronchitis;

• fibrosing alveolitis;

• chronic obstructive pulmonary disease;

• bronchiectatic disease;

• emphysema of the lungs;

• chronic respiratory failure;

• prolonged pneumonia and fevers of unknown etiology.

Diagnosis of pathology of the lungs and respiratory tract

• X-ray examination of the lungs;

• Electrocardiography;

• Echography;

• Spirography;

• Multispiral computed tomography (also with contrast);

• Fibrobronchoscopy (with brush biopsy and bronchoalveolar lavage);

• Spirometry (computer study of the functions of external respiration);

• Determination of the reversibility of bronchial obstruction (bronchodilation test);

• Fibrogastroduodenoscopy (for asthma, differential diagnosis of chronic cough);

• Ultrasound of the pleural cavities;

• Analysis of blood gas composition;

• Peak flowmetry;

• A study using allergological test panels;

• Perfusion scintigraphy of the lungs;

• Angiopulmonography and others.

How to make an appointment with a pulmonologist

You can make an appointment with a pulmonologist by calling +7 7172 57 74 40, +7 702 094 77 71


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