Strategy, Quality Management and Patient Safety Services

Since 2004, the clinic's management has taken a course with an orientation to international management standards and was the first in the Republic of Kazakhstan to organize the Center for management and internal audit systems. Subsequently, the center was renamed the quality management department, which was engaged in the development, implementation and organization of external evaluation of the results of the implementation of international standards in the activities of the NSC.

In 2006, the clinical and Diagnostic Laboratory of the NSCM underwent an external assessment of the laboratory's compliance with eqas (USA) standards, organized by biorad.

In January 2007, the requirements of ISO 9001-2000 MS with QMS certification were introduced into the work of the Polyclinic. Since March 2009, the NSC has been using the conceptual approaches and criterion of the EFQM model.

In June 2010, the NSC was certified to the level of "recognized perfection — 4 stars", in November 2012 — to the level of "recognized perfection — 5 stars" of the EFQM model.

To further improve management, the requirements of international standards in the field of environmental management, occupational safety and health management, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 50001 energy management were introduced in 2014.

In 2010, NNSMO became the best enterprise in Europe in 2010. In 2012, we received the annual international prize of the fund for promoting entrepreneurship development of the Russian Federation, recognizing the achievements of financial management.

In 2012, NNMO won the Asian Quality Award (anq, Hong Kong). In 2013, in the National Business rating of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the NSC was recognized in the Gold rating in the field of "indicators of assets and liabilities" and in the Silver rating by the amount of places in the 3 categories "indicators of assets and liabilities", "indicator of profitability", "indicator of liquidity".

In 2015, we confirmed the level of the clinic "recognized perfection 5*" of the European Organization for Quality Management (EFQM)

In 2014, we participated in the National Award of the president of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Altyn Sapa" and were nominated for the "Paryz" award for the introduction of new technologies in the field of Medicine.

The NSC received the 2014 European Best Practice Award (Brussels) and the 2014 European Quality Award (Italy).

In 2015, we presented to the European Prize new research in the field of the use of HIFU therapy in the treatment of Parasitic Diseases of internal organs and received the award "quality innovation" (Finland).

In 2018, the NSC was awarded the highest category according to national accreditation standards.

In 2021, the NSC reaffirmed the highest category according to national accreditation standards.

Strategy, Quality Management and Patient Safety Services

Since 1.09.2016, the quality management department has provided a separate structure, and since June 2019, a 3-part strategy, Quality Management and Patient Safety Service has been organized:

Department of clinical audit and Clinical Pharmacology

Department of quality management and standardization

Department of strategy, risk management and hospital service

Main tasks of the service:

  • Implementation of methodological guidance to structural divisions on the implementation and maintenance of national accreditation standards, including international standards in the field of healthcare;
  • Development, implementation and evaluation of the effectiveness of programs to improve the quality of diagnosis and treatment at NSC;
  • Examination of medical documentation in terms of the quality of medical services provided, the quality of filling out medical documentation in accordance with the clinical protocols of diagnosis and treatment of the Ministry of health of the Republic of Kazakhstan and national accreditation standards;
  • based on the results of the analysis of the activity, develop measures aimed at preventing and eliminating malfunctions in the work and contributing to improving the quality and effectiveness of diagnostics and treatment;
  • coordination of work on consideration of citizens ' appeals and complaints about poor-quality medical care;
  • coordination of the activities of the internal control and risk management system;
  • collection, processing and analysis of key performance indicators;
  • analysis of incident reports, identification of root causes, submission of recommendations and corrective measures for identified inconsistencies;
  • Conducting systematic tracers for compliance with national accreditation standards;
  • updating and managing the documentation of the duty;
  • Organization and conduct of internal audits of the ISM of the NSC with the provision of analytical information of the PVR.

In the Department of quality management and standardization:

- Suleimenova Gulnur Galymovna-quality manager. Higher medical education in the specialty" medical and preventive care", specialization-hygienist-epidemiologist. Work experience - 16 years. Certificate of advanced training in the cycle" medical statistics " 240 hours. Certificate of advanced training in the specialty" Public Health"on the cycle" Health Management and marketing " 120 hours.

Contacts of the quality management department:

Tel. (+77172) 57-78-32


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