Department of Pediatric Cardiac Surgery

The Children's Cardiac Surgery Clinic of the National Science Center provides comprehensive care to patients with congenital heart defects. Our clinic includes departments of cardiac surgery, cardio- intensive care and anesthesiology, X-ray endovascular surgery, being the concentration of all necessary specialists in the field of cardiac surgery.

The cardiac Surgery clinic of the National Heart Center unites the best cardiac surgeons, X-ray surgeons, anesthesiologists, perfusiologists, cardiologists, ultrasound diagnostics doctors.

We provide the most advanced care for the youngest patients in a friendly environment. Our program includes surgical correction of congenital heart defects of newborns, infants, children and adults.

To improve the child's condition and his speedy recovery, correction of heart defects is performed as early as possible

We create all conditions for the successful development of our patients by applying the latest achievements in the surgical field and using modern methods of artificial blood circulation.

The use of a scientific approach and extensive practical experience has led to improved recovery results for children in the intensive care unit, which. in turn, it affects the reduction of neurological injuries, and the early recovery of the child's body.


Our experienced team has performed a large amount of surgical interventions, providing tremendous assistance to the population of Kazakhstan with one of the best indicators for cardiac surgery in the country.

The head of the Children's Department of Cardiac Surgery, Marasulov Shukhrat Iskanderovich, is a candidate of medical sciences, a pioneer in complex heart surgery for CHD. The surgical team working with him includes 7 outstanding cardiac surgeons, 2 cardiologists, 12 anesthesiologists and intensive care specialists.

Comprehensive care - before and after the correction of congenital heart defects.

Coordinated and disciplined medical care and careful care allow patients to recover in the hospital in a minimal period after surgery.

The surgical team works together with pediatric cardiologists, who provide pre- and postoperative diagnostic assessment of the child's condition and therapeutic treatment.

CHILD and family

Our goal is to maximize the quality of life of our patients and ease the burden on the family.

DKHO NMC provides all kinds of services for the speedy recovery of children, because we understand that when a child is sick, the whole family takes part in it.

Unsurpassed cardiac care

NNMC is one of the leading cardiac surgery centers in the country.

The DKHO team has some of the best surgical treatment results.

The first operation was performed on April 8, 2004. More than 500 operations are performed at the clinic every year.

Staff at the Pediatric Cardiac Surgery department can discuss and explain the specific procedures your child needs,

Tell about the experience of working with this pathology, as well as the results of previous cases.

What could be better than the happy eyes of the mother of the child whose life we saved!

The Cardiac Surgery Clinic of the National Heart Center provides planned care to children with congenital and acquired heart defects.

List of services provided:

echocardiography for children, regardless of age;

consultations for children, regardless of age;

correction of defects in newborns and children of the first year of life, patients with congenital heart defects;

multi-stage cardiac surgery;

closed operations performed by X-ray surgeons;

early rehabilitation of children after cardiac surgery.

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