Pathomorphological section

The Pathomorphological Department conducts research on pathohistological and cytological characteristics of various pathological conditions and localizations using all morphological methods: histological, histochemical, cytological, immunofluorescence, immunohistochemical and electron microscopic. Morphological diagnostics is carried out using modern equipment: an electron microscope (Carl Zeiss), a complex with AXIOSKOP software (Carl Zeiss), an AXIOSKOP FL 40 fluorescent complex with a Morphometry -5 video test (Carl Zeiss), an OLYMPUS complex with Cell Sens Standard and SISgetIT (OLYMPUS) programs. The pathomorphological department with the electron microscopy laboratory is equipped with a modern Libra 120 Carl Zeiss transmission electron microscope and a Leica U70 ultramicrotome, which allows fundamental research and diagnosis of diseases of all organs at the ultrastructural level. An electron microscope of this level is unique and the only one in the Republic of Kazakhstan, which carries out numerous international contractual scientific work related to nano- and cellular technologies.

Pathohistological studies at the tissue level:

  • Examination of surgical biopsy material of various complexity categories;
  • Puncture biopsy of the kidneys, liver and lungs
  • Examination of autopsy material of various complexity categories;
  • Intraoperative diagnosis (express);
  • Histochemical examination;
  • Immunofluorescence examination;
  • Immunohistochemical examination;
  • Consultation of surgical biopsy material

Cytological studies at the cellular level:

  • Examination of the gastric mucosa for HELICOBACTER PYLORI;
  • Examination of urogenital tract smears for the presence of pathogenic flora and sexually transmitted infections;
  • Exfoliative cytology, stained according to Romanovsky-Gimza;
  • Oncocytological studies on Romanovsky-Gimza and on Papanicolaou;
  • Examination of punctures of various localization (Papanicolaou staining);

Emergency cytology:

  • Consultation of micropreparations for Papanicolaou

Electron microscopic studies at the ultrastructural level:

  • Light microscopy of semifine sections enclosed in epoxy resin;
  • Electron microscopy of a biopsy specimen;
  • Electron microscopy of ultrathin sections;
  • Electron microscopy of nanoparticles on a grid with a substrate

The pathomorphological department provides funeral services in full: preservation of the bodies of the deceased in the refrigerator, embalming, toilet of the body of the deceased, farewell ritual in the funeral hall, transportation of the body of the deceased.

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