The center offers postgraduate educational services:



The training is performed in accordance with the State standards of additional education on medical and pharmaceutical specialties approved by the order of the Ministry of Healthcare of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Dear management of healthcare institutions, human resources departments, and colleagues!

The Postgraduate Education Center of JSC “NSMC” offers educational services for postgraduate education: professional development and continuing medical and pharmaceutical education in accordance with the State Standards of additional education for Medical and Pharmaceutical Specialties approved by the order of the Ministry of Healthcare of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 788 dated November 26, and for the purposes of Implementation the Concept for the Development of Medical and Pharmaceutical Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2011-2015 and the Concept for Development of healthcare human resources of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2012-2016.

Qualification upgrade

Medical postgraduate education through qualification upgrade – it is an update of theoretical and practical knowledge in the specialty already acquired. Medical postgraduate education at this level takes the form of retraining and qualification upgrade cycles, and is confirmed by the following documents:

  • Certificate of qualification upgrade — for physicians who have been trained in the amount of 54 to 216 hours;
  • Certificate of retraining — for attendees who have undergone long-term training in the amount of over 864 hours of therapeutic profile and 1,080 hours of surgical profile. Professional retraining of specialists is another type of medical postgraduate education and is conducted on the basis of established qualification requirements for certain professions.

The training is conducted in the following specialties:

Retraining Hours/weeks Qualification upgrade Hours/weeks
1 Anaesthesiology and Reanimatology 1080 /20 Reanimation and intensive care of emergency conditions, Innovative technologies in anesthesiology and reanimatology 54/1, 108/2, 162/3,216/4
2 Radiodiagnosis (roentgenology, CT and MRI, ultrasound investigation) 864 /16 Actual problems of roentgenology, computer and magnetic resonance imaging, Innovative technologies in radiodiagnosis, Actual problems of ultrasonic diagnostics 54/1, 108/2, 162/3,216/4
3 Functional diagnostics (endoscopy) 864 /16 Innovative technologies in functional diagnostics, Functional diagnostics in cardiology, Clinical ECHO cardiography, Holter monitoring, Actual problems in endoscopy, HIFU-therapy 54/1, 108/2, 162/3,216/4
4 General surgery (Thoracic, abdominal, transplantology) 1080 /20 Innovative technologies and treatment of surgical diseases, minimally invasive surgery, Urgent issues of thoracic surgery, Transplantology 54/1, 108/2, 162/3,216/4
5 Cardiac surgery 1080 /20 Innovative technologies in cardiac surgery, Interventional cardiac surgery 54/1, 108/2, 162/3,216/4







Extracorporeal detoxification

864 /16 Innovative technologies in internal medicine, Actual questions of therapy in rheumatology, pulmonology, gastroenterology, nephrology, hematology – at outpatient and inpatient stages, Urgent issues of hemodialysis and extracorporeal detoxification 54/1, 108/2, 162/3,216/4
7 Pathoanatomy 864 /16 Innovative technologies in pathoanatomy, Current problems of cytology, Cytological and histological diagnosis of Tumor and petumor processes, Electron microscopy 54/1, 108/2, 162/3,216/4

Sanitary science  and epidemiology


864 /16 Current questions of general, private and clinical microbiology, Innovative technologies in bacteriology 54/1, 108/2, 162/3,216/4
9 Cardiology (including interventional) 864 /16 Current problems of cardiology, Innovative technologies in arrhythmology, Emergency care in cardiology, AC patients management strategy 54/1, 108/2, 162/3,216/4
10 Clinical laboratory diagnostics 864 /16 Innovative technologies in clinical laboratory diagnostics, Interpretation of laboratory research methods. 54/1, 108/2, 162/3,216/4
11 Healthcare Management Internal audit based accreditation standards of on MOH of Republic of Kazakhstan and international standards, Integrated healthcare  management system. 54/1, 108/2

005 budget program — «Qualification upgrade and retraining of State healthcare organizations workers» (free of payment)

Republican budget payment is provided for workers of PHC, infectious, anti-tuberculosis, psychiatric, narcological, oncological hospitals; sanatoriums, blood centers, antiplague, disinfection stations, centers for healthy lifestyle formation, centers of forensic medicine and its branches, bureau of medical statistics, republican informational center and its branches, children’s homes – in accordance with the government order. It is necessary to submit the following documents:

  • Identity card (copy);
  • Certificate of employment and the extract from the HR Department order;
  • Permit for studying (for budget cycles);
  • Copy of Graduate Diploma;
  • Copy of Intership completion certificate;
  • Certificate of the qualification development for the last 5 years / copy /;
  • Specialist’s certificate (copy)

Faculty members

Speciality faculty member
1 Anaesthesiology and Reanimatology Smailov Murat Bolatovich, Candidate of Medical Science
Kushenova Saule Zholdasbekovna, Candidate of Medical Science
2 Radiodiagnosis Chuvakova Elmira Kelessovna, Candidate of Medical Science
3 Functional diagnostics (endoscopy) Imankulov Suindyk Bopezhanovich, MD
4 General surgery (Thoracic, abdominal, transplantology)

Doskaliyev Zhaksylyk Akmurzayevich,

MD, Professor, Academician

Tashev Ibragim Akzholovich,

MD, professor

Kolos Anatoliy Ivanovich,

MD, professor

5 Cardiac surgery (including pediatric) Albazarov Adilzhan Baurzhanovich, Candidate of Medical Science

Marassulov Shukhrat Iskendirovich,

Candidate of Medical Science

6 Nephrology Tuganbekova Saltanat Kenessovna, MD
Rheumatology Krivoruchko Natalya Alekseyevna, Highest Category Physician
Infectious diseases

Zhylkybayev Yeginbay Zhylkybayevich,

Candidate of Medical Science, Associate professor


Taubaldiyeva Zhanat Satybayevna,

Candidate of Medical Science

Gastroenterology Rakhmetova Venera Sametovna, MD
Pulmonology Pak Aleksey Mikhailovich, Candidate of Medical Science
Extracorporeal detoxification Gaipov Abduzhappar Erkinovich, Candidate of Medical Science
7 Pathoanatomy

Shaimardanova Galiya Massugutovna, MD

Fedotovskikh Galina Vassilyevna, MD, Professor


Sanitary science and epidemiology


Bissenova Nellya Mikhailovna, Doctor of biological science, Professor
9 Cardiology

Abseitova Saule Raimbekovna, MD

Kabayev Ulan Temirzhanovich, MD

Kupenov Bolat Gabbasovich, Candidate of Medical Science

10 Clinical laboratory diagnostics Popova Nadezhda Vladimirovna, MD
11 Healthcare Management

Nurazkhanova Zhanat Shurenovna, Candidate of Medical Science, EFQM Assessor

Raissova Karlygash Askerovna, PhD, EFQM Assessor

Postgraduate Education Center, Astana, Abylai Khan avenue, 42.

8 (717) 2 57-78-39,  23-29-27 (fax)

Residency is a form of postgraduate extended medical education in clinical specialties.

Educational residency programs suppose a clinical focus on the training and extended specialized training in the relevant specialty. The previous education level of those who wish to successfully complete the educational residency programs – basic medical education, higher medical education, internship. Training of specialists at JSC “National Scientific Medical Center” is conducted on 7 clinical specialties, in accordance with the List of clinical resudency specialties approved by the order of the Ministry of Healthcare of the Republic of Kazakhstan No 27 dated January 30, 2008 and the State Compulsory Educational Standard-2009, Residency.

Procedure of citizens admission to the residency is established in accordance with the Model Rules for Admission to the Residency. Duration of the educational residency program is from 2 to 4 years depending on the specialty and previous training.

In accordance with the state license for postgraduate vocational education No. 0137483 dated 10.01.2011, JSC “National Scientific Medical Center” announces the admission for 2016-2017 academic year on a paid (contractual) basis for the following specialties:

6R112600 Anaesthesiology and Reanimatology, including pediatric – 3 years

6R110300 Cardiology, including pediatric – 3 years

6R110100 Therapy – 2 years

6R112800 Cardiac surgery, including pediatric – 4 years

6R112700 General surgery – 3 years

6R113600 Urology and andrology, including pediatric – 3 years

6R111500 Neuropathology, including pediatric – 2 years

As well as admission for 2016 – 2017 to the residency by the government order for the specialties:

6R112600 Anaesthesiology and Reanimatology, including pediatric – 3 years

6R110300 Cardiology, including pediatric – 3 years

Citizens entering the residency shall submit the following documents:

1) Application request addressed to the head of organization in the prescribed format;

2) Notarized copy of diploma and transcript;

3) Notarized copy of internship completion certificate;

4) Personnel record card with photo;

5) Notarized copy of employment book (if available);

6) Six 3х4 photos;

7) Statement of good health 086-U form;

8) Notarized copy of identity card;

9) List of Scientific and Methodical Works (if available);

10) Characteristic signed by the head of organization;

11) Autobiography (hand-lettered);

12) Notarized copy of military ID card or military service registration certificate (for male);

13) Сlear pocket (1) with copies of the documents specified in this paragraph; originals shall be submitted for verification. The originals are returned after verification.

Admission applications for Master’s program, doctoral studies of universities, graduate military course, residency of universities and scientific organizations is conducted from 10th  to 30th of July.

— Admission of citizens to the residency of higher educational institutions and scientific organizations is carried out on a competitive basis upon the results of entrance examinations. – Applicants to the residency shall pass entrance examinations on one of foreign languages and on a special discipline. Examination on a foreign language in the amount of the program established for graduates of universities is conducted in a test form, an examination on a special discipline, in the volume of higher education programs, is conducted in oral form.

— Entrance examinations to the residency are conducted from the 1st to the 20th of August, admission – until August, 25.

— Education in the residency is carried out in intramural form of study.

— The term of study in the residency is included in the work experience of the doctor and in the work experience on the specialty.

— The classes start on the 1st of September.

Documents shall be submitted at the address:

050004, Astana, Abylai Khan avenue, 42, the JSC «National Scientific Medical Center» — Postgraduate Education Center, tel.: + 7172577839

Corrective action plan NSMC kaz. language

Corrective action plan NSMC rus. language

List of practical skills for graduate resident

Sample lesson plan for anesthesiology

Sample lesson plan for cardiology

Sample lesson plan for cardiac surgery

Resident’s Ethics Code

Guide book 2015.

Timetable for the 1st year

Timetable for the 2nd year

Timetable for the 3rd year

Timetable for the 4th year

For residency applicants