“National Scientific Medical Center” JSC is a multidisciplinary clinic, which employs more than 1,200 people, united in a strong cohesive team with a leading positions in the market of tertiary and specialized medical care provision.
“National Scientific Medical Center” JSC is proud of a friendly atmosphere in its team, based on trust, mutual support and responsibility. During the recruitment process we follow the following motto: “The best staff for the best company!”.

If you strive for knowledge and to new discoveries in your profession, if you dream about working in a cohesive and energetic team of fellow-thinkers, if you want to be proud of your work and are able to change yourself and the environment for the better – welcome to the family of the “National Scientific Medical Center” JSC.

Strengthening human capital and effective management of human resources is implemented through an actualized HR policy and the values chain coordinated with the overall strategy of “NSMC” JSC.

We have improved our approaches to the work automation, expanded the capabilities of internal and external communications (“Electronic document management” project, the modernization of telecommunication system, development of telemedicine technologies, Unified healthcare information system, improvement of the Internet access speed), updated the questionnaire of staff satisfaction of the personnel and added the survey of leaving workers, in order to prevent the reasons which are not connected to the professional unsuitability. The scientific staff and the entire staff of the basic processes has an access to the global electronic library to expand knowledge by distance learning. Through the Leadership development we have grown a whole pleiad of worthy heads of clinics, departments (51 persons), and 37 leaders for our company.

What do you get by working with us?
• Fair, transparent and clear working rules.
• Responsible, warm, friendly and exacting management.
• Increased concentration of outstanding people.
• Honest and open relationships with colleagues.
• Excellent work experience with complex tasks.
• Tactful attention to your professional, business, personal and private needs.
• Opportunity of professional growth.

How does the recruitment perform?
Search and selection of personnel is associated with the values of our company: to be useful for a client, active, open to communicate, to work as a team, to have the courage to differ and the desire to win. If you think that our values are close to you, then after passing the selection, you can also become a member of our team. Due to a thorough process of selection and recruitment we try to find people whose values and competence intersect with the values of our Company.

Generally, the recruitment process consists of the next stages:
• Analysis of CV.
• Interview.
• Special tasks and/or tests during the competition for certain positions.
• Checking background information.
• Making the decision.

The selection process is attended by your possible future manager and HR Department specialist, for leading positions – the interview directly with Deputy Chairmen of the Board and the Chairman of the Board. Particular attention is drawn to the basic competences of the candidate and its professional skills. On that basis we can make you an offer to participate in the competition for a position suitable for your experience.

For additional information refer to the HR Department:
Office 11, Administration block. Tel.: 577410, 577606
Please send your CV to:

Name of vacancy
Requirements for the position